Boost Juice Digital Signage

Boosting effeciency for Boost Juice

Initially, Boost Juice had three locations and three different digital signage solutions for their digital menu boards. A time-consuming and costly effort when it came time to updating content, and not conceivable for growth in future store locations.

Boost Juice needed one centrally controlled system to maintain all locations; especially now in their growth stage. They required quick and easy updates of menu boards for all stores and a robust and reliable system that wasn’t going to fail. They also needed a system that didn’t require any work from the staff in-store and a solution that would grow with their store numbers.

Hydro Media was able to meet all of their requirements and provide a high level of service – from supplying hardware, through to software training and support. We worked with Boost Juice HQ to ensure they were happy with the upgrade progress and confident with using the software.

Boost Juice now benefit from a centrally controlled digital signage distribution platform. They can make easy adjustments to the menu content, and monitor their network of digital screens.

If you would like the simplicity of a digital signage solution, call us to see what we can create for you.