Council Digital Signage

Community Centres embrace digital signage

Auckland Council has embraced digital signage at a number of it’s Community Centres. Hydro Media has supplied a full digital signage solution, enabling the Community Centres to display upcoming events and information on the digital screens.

Digital screens ranging in size from 55″ to 75″ were installed into 6 Community Centres. Half of the screens are 2500 nit high-brightness screens which allows them to be viewed even in direct sunlight.

The replacement of traditional noticeboards has allowed the Community Centres to update and schedule content on the digital screens. This not only provides a more desirable looking solution, but offers efficiency too.

Each Community Centre has access to Hydro CMS, our cloud-based software solution which enables staff to add local content relevant to their area.

If you would like the simplicity of a digital signage solution, call us to see what we can create for you.