Krispy Kreme Digital Signage

Kiwi’s go crazy for Krispy Kreme

As Krispy Kreme opened the doors of their first New Zealand store to large crowds recently, you may wonder why anyone would stand in line for hours just to buy donuts. However they turned out in their thousands to experience the famous glazed treats, and weren’t disappointed. The digital menu boards, supplied by Hydro Media, played an important role to keep customers enticed, and to display menu options for a quick sales process. Eyes on the prize so to speak, even if you’re at the end of the queue!

Krispy Kreme opened their flagship store at the end of February in Auckland. Several weeks on and the queues are still forming, keeping the store constantly busy. Parts of the parking area still continue to be blocked off to enable a streamlined process through the 24 hour drive-thru, which at times can have a wait time of up to an hour. Kiwis certainly seem to have embraced Krispy Kreme.

Hydro Media has partnered with the donut chain to provide digital signage hardware, installation, as well as on-going maintenance and support. The network is managed remotely from the Australasian Krispy Kreme HQ in Sydney. Additional stores are already scheduled to open in Auckland throughout 2018.

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