The Loop Digital Signage

Digital signage – a winning formula for The Loop

There’s a digital screen at every turn in The Loop’s new duty free store in the departures area at Auckland International Airport.

Digital signage has proven to be a winning formula in increasing sales for The Loop since Hydro Media supplied 40 digital screens into their refurbished arrivals store last year. This lead to the continuation of including more digital screens throughout the new departures store. Now with a total of over 70 screens between the two stores, not only is the customer’s experience enhanced, but promotions are displayed effectively to showcase the variety of duty free products – enough to entice even the most indecisive customer.

With every digital screen displaying different content, which also gets changed on a regular basis, it was imperitive that the overall solution provides The Loop with a quick and efficient way of making changes easily. The management software allows staff to make instant updates either remotely from The Loop’s head office or within the store via their local network. Additionally all of the screens can be remotely monitored, re-started, and live screenshots can be viewed.

If you would like the simplicity of a digital signage solution, call us to see what we can create for you.